The Seven Roots of the Trapaud Family


We do not know of one common ancestor for the entire Trapaud family, but seven family heads can be identified around the year 1650. Ida de Layarde describes these as follows:

  1. Paul TRAPAUD, Captain of Castillon, husband of Marthe CARDINAL, whose descendants alone survive in France. Also his eldest son Izaac. (See Genealogy I.)
  2. Jean-Jacques TRAPAUD, second son of Captain Paul and husband of Marguerite DU FOUSSAT. (Genealogy II.)
  3. Colonel Jean TRAPAUD, son of the above, head of the English Refugee Branch. (Genealogy III.)
  4. Elysée, grandson of Captain Paul, and second son of Izaac TRAPAUD. (Genealogy IV.)
  5. Paul TRAPAUD, procureur d'office, son of a brother of Captain Paul's, and husband of Marie MARCON and Jeanne LAPORTE. (Genealogy V.)
  6. Head of Branch unknown, Father of Izaac TRAPAUD who married Jeanne LAVAICH, of Simon, of Marie who married Gaston DAMADE, and of Judge Paul, husband of a demoiselle de BROUILHAC. (Genealogy VI.)
  7. Head of Branch unknown, Father of Jean husband of Marie COUSTAUD and to a Son, Father of Elysée and Anne. (Genealogy VII.)

In addition to the above information we now know that the Father of Captain Paul TRAPAUD (head of branch 1) was a Simon Trapaud whose date of birth was before the year 1600.

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